Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Pirate Daughter's Promise, by Molly Evangeline (Pleasant Word)

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A delightful tale of high seas adventure, faith and perseverance, and a young girl’s steadfast honor for her earthly father and love for her Heavenly Father.

Orphaned at a young age, Skye McHenry’s life seems destined to drudgery and hopelessness, but for the love and care of a boy, Will James, also orphaned. Her life takes a drastic turn when she is kidnapped from the orphanage by the merciless pirate, Francis Kelley, for the knowledge she possesses of a hidden treasure. Kelley will stop at nothing to wrench the secret from Skye—and Skye is equally determined to resist Kelley’s tortures, for there is a promise to keep. Sail with Will, Captain John Morgan and the crew of the Good Fortune as they pursue the infamous Kelley in a quest to rescue Skye. Turn after turn, twist after twist await you until the final showdown between Will and Kelley, when the most unexpected twist of all bursts onto the scene. And through it all, God’s overriding faithfulness and protection over His loved ones endure.

Classically narrated, The Pirate Daughter’s Promise is an ideal book for extended family reading. Cluster the kids on the bed and transport them to a time when pirates ruled the seas, but not the hearts of men—or the heart of a young woman. They’ll hang on every word as Ms. Evangeline takes them from storm-ridden seas to sun-baked deserted islands, dingy orphanages to wealthy mansions, and the depths of man’s greed to the heights of God’s grace. Your only problem will be settling their protests when it comes time to close the cover for another evening.

Molly Evangeline is a recent home-school graduate who has been writing since she was eight years old. This is her debut novel—but you can bet it won’t be her last.


Anonymous said...

I just might have to read this one. Sounds very interesting and like a good book. And I just might take up your suggestion of reading it to the boys.

Bruce Judisch said...

Great idea, Jennifer. It's a neat story. Hope you enjoy it.

Cheers! Bruce

the mccann clan said...

I wonder if our kiddos are old enough for this one yet... they're definitely interested in playing pirates and princesses though, that's for sure! Maybe we'll give it a read through and save it for a few years. :)