Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Lights of Home, by Amanda Morgan (OakTara)

.In The Lights of Home, Ms. Morgan links past and present tales--with a supernatural twist--in the fiction-fertile soil of Washington State.

First in the series "Legends of the Sanctuary Tree," The Lights of Home finds archaeologist Jill Reade coming into an unexpected inheritance: a bed & breakfast she neither has the time for, nor really even wants. Circumstances beyond her control (but not beyond God's) strand her at the property, where she meets a supporting cast of quirky characters, all of whom try their best to convince her to keep the estate--all but one, that is.

Odd occurrences, unexplainable, bring the disparate group together where they must rely on each other for both emotional and physical survival. What Jill learns from them sparks her transformation from a blunt stalwart loner to a ... well, you'll see what she becomes.

Lurking in the background all the while are shadowy figures of the past, who contribute their own unique influence not only to Jill's change of heart, but to all those they touch.

Ms. Morgan has a gift for description and is clearly familiar with the setting in which her story takes place. Her vivid imagery transports you from snow-bound forests to pine glens ripe with summer life--and portrays the drama of nature and life played through both. If you love the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, or think you might, The Lights of Home will provide a satisfying read.

The Lights of Home was provided free of charge for this review.