Monday, September 26, 2011

1 Step Away, by Eric Wilson (Bay Forest)

Why didn't I think of this? What a great premise--one that every Christian should consider; a book every American Christian should read.

Mr. Wilson has taken the age-old story of Job and turned it on its head. What if--just what if a man who had very little in the way of material wealth suddenly came into a fortune? How would it affect his faith? Could this windfall do to him what the deprivation of wealth failed to do to Job? And what if the same spirit who was behind Job's story were also behind this one? You see where this is going? Uh huh.

The Vreeland family is being watched. Their 'doom' is being plotted. They have little to their name, scraping to make ends meet, until...well, until $6,000,000 is unexpectedly dropped into their laps. All the expected emotions emerge: wonder, excitement, perhaps a little trepidation. But emotions are only the vehicles that transport action. What will they do with this fortune? What will it do with them?

Mr. Wilson covers all the angles, as the pressures of a sudden shift in socio-economic status takes its toll on the family of Bret and Sara Vreeland. The decisions they make in the face of this pressure will not only determine the future of their family, but reveal the substance of their faith.

Interesting? Sound like a nice, but rather linear plot? It might be in the hands of a lesser author than Eric Wilson. But what I haven't told you is the one-two punch poised before the Vreelands' noses, the seemingly apparent plotline that suddenly diverges into two threads, and what you thought was predictable is anything but that.

This is not only an entertaining novel, it's a study in human nature. Worthy of individual contemplation and group discussion, 1 Step Away offers a lot in 379 pages. You can't help but put yourself in the place of the Vreelands, and, instead of asking yourself, "Man, what would I do with all that money?" you ask "Man, what would I do about all that money?" 1 Step Away may surprise you with your own answer.

Highly recommended. Get the book.

Oh! And watch the trailer here. It's really good.