Thursday, February 28, 2008

...Or Later

Yes, the Web site is still in the works and still hope to have something up by mid-March. In the interests of making it a quality site, though, time is important. Darrell Jacobs, a Web programmer has been working it, but wants to enlist the help of a good Web designer. It's that left-brain/right-brain thing. The left brain is in gear; the right brain just needs to catch up!

Will keep you posted on the progress. Meanwhile, keep praying the literary agency I've approached regarding A Prophet's Tale will be receptive to the project. They've got their hands full with dozens and dozens of proposals coming in to each agent, each month. It takes awhile to sort through them all and determine what's the best fit for the reading public at any given time. Tough job; ya gotta love the industry to do it! Pray for them, also, would you. It's a Christian agency and they have a commission to get the Word out, too. You don't need the name of the agency to pray for those who promote good literature and God's Word.

Hopefully, I'll have more specifics for you in the future.


the mccann clan said...

The website sounds like it's coming together. We'll pray for your proposal and the agency. America truly needs more good Christian literature in circulation!

Anonymous said...

We'll continue to pray. Thanks for the update. I agree with Janelle, we most certain do need more good Christian literature in circulation!

gLORIous said...

Can't wait to see the finished website! And I'm looking forward to hearing more about your proposal. I can't wait to read A Prophet's Tale! I'm so excited that you are continuing this journey! Yay!