Thursday, April 24, 2008

And Another Girl!

I was going to post the details of the newest member of the family, but my daughter, Janelle, beat me to it and did a job I could never hope to match.

See Cambria Jewel May at

You'll be glad you did!


Four Lights For Him said...

Congratulations on Cambria! She's absolutely beautiful! What wonderful blessings the Lord has bestowed upon your family with two new additions within days of each other!

Neal Judisch & Family said...

Very, very beautiful. *Almost* as very, very beautiful as that Lillian girl on the previous post. I mean it's a really close call, and that's the highest compliment I can imagine giving or hearing!


Nea ... er ... a disinterested and unbiased anonymous reader.

Bruce Judisch said...

Dear Anonymous,

We need to see Lillian to verify. Get down here! :-)

Love, Mom & Da ... er ... the Executive Panel for Grandchild Assessments