Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mysterious Ways, by Terry W. Burns (River Oak)

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Clever, inspirational and well written. Mr. Burns pens a homespun western tale of a man God catches up in his own game. Amos Taylor is a robber, con man and all-around scoundrel who steals a parson’s outfit as the “perfect disguise.” Much to his surprise—and chagrin—when he dons it in the peaceful town of Quiet Valley to cover his latest crime, the people actually expect him to perform as a parson. He finds himself in the awkward position of having to preach Sunday morning services, counsel a quarreling married couple, give solace to a dying woman, and even conduct her funeral service. If not for the help of Joseph Washington—a godly, blind, black man, who is himself not what he seems to be—the ‘parson’ would have been detected at the very beginning for what he was. But the blind Joseph saw in Amos what no one else would have dreamed was there: God’s grace.

On the slow and stumbling road to his own eyes being opened, Amos wraps himself tighter and tighter into his own web of deceit until his schemes, and his ego, blow up in his face at the most unexpected moment. But, as with most of us, it's difficult for him to abandon his fallen ways. When he does, there's recompense to make for his past, which presents him with the greatest mortal and spiritual trials of his life.

You’ll fall in love with Judy Valentine, the unwitting victim of Amos’ heart, admire John David Slocum, the kind of Texas Ranger you expect all Texas Rangers to be, and empathize with the simple, but honest, citizens of Quiet Valley who learn as much from Amos’ experience as he does himself. God has in mind to teach every character in the story—and perhaps everyone who reads the story—more about Himself.

This is Mr. Burns’ first book in the Mysterious Ways series. You need not read the next two to fully appreciate Mysterious Ways—but when you finish this installment, you’ll probably want to!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good book. Thanks for the recommendation!

Bruce Judisch said...

If you enjoy Westerns with a strong Christian message, Jennifer, you'd get a kick out of this. Terry has a flair for the lingo.

Hope you and yours are doing well. I'm answering your comment up the road here in Virginia.

Cheers! Bruce

Terry Burns said...

Hey Bruce, terrific review, I appreciate it. The only thing is that it is the first of the three books, but they can be read in any order. I'm glad you liked it and really appreciate such an eloquent review.


Anonymous said...

I like to read about of times and countries a lot. I like the westerns because of the difference in our era and history. Also I grew up watching the old westerns with John Wayne & James Stewart.

We're doing pretty well. We have been enjoying the cooler weather by going on walks and bike riding in the evenings.

Hope you have a safe trip home, and had a good time in Virginia.

Bruce Judisch said...

Thanks, Jennifer. Made it home in good shape--or, at least, as good of shape as I can be in. :-)

I agree about delving into different cultures and different times. I just finished another novel (my next post will be a review), that is contemporary, but goes into a lot of detail on painting, historical and otherwise. It also mostly takes place in Italy, so I bet you'd like it, too.

But, for this post, if you want a good read in the Western genre, it's a safe bet.

Cheers! Bruce

Robin Bayne said...

Read this, loved it!!

Bruce Judisch said...

Terrific, Robin! Didja catch the next two in the series?

Hope things are going well in your own writing.

Cheers! Bruce