Sunday, May 24, 2009

Update on A Prophet's Tale!

I heard from OakTara this past week. (Yes!) I've sent them a revision to The Journey Begun, and should have the first proof sheets in hand next week. Once we're mutually happy with the manuscript, things should roll pretty quickly. Of course, will keep you all posted, as soon as I hear a target date for release. (Of course!)

The senior editor is also halfway through The Word Fulfilled manuscript submission, and things are looking good for a contract on the final part of A Prophet's Tale.

Oh, and I've begun work on my next novel. No, not tellin' just yet. All I'll say is that it has nothing to do with Jonah (bless his heart!).

Cheers! Bruce


Kim said...

Yay!!! Great News!!! And, a teaser... you must tell!! :)

Bruce Judisch said...


You know me and keeping secrets, right? :-)

Cheers! Dad

Cindy said...

Great news, Bruce! Lynnette said that you both had heard back. I love to hear about progress :) Seems like things are moving along. Congratulations with all of it!

Bruce Judisch said...

Many thanks, Cindy. I'm looking forward to the process and the end result!

God bless!

Cheers! Bruce

Candace said...

So exciting! Looking SO forward to these books!

It was SO good to see you and Jeanie yesterday! Thank you so much for the ice cream sandwiches....they are our FAVORITE! Have a great time with sweet Janelle, the fam, and new precious baby!

Much Love!

Bruce Judisch said...

Thanks, Candace. It was great to see you folks in your new digs. What a beautiful family!

We're on the home stretch for The Journey Begun, and I got word from OakTara yesterday confirming the contract on the final book in the trilogy, The Word Fulfilled. Can't wait and thanks for being so faithful in asking about the series. It's been a long time in coming. ;-)

Cheers! Bruce