Saturday, August 1, 2009

'Debut Day' Set for August 4th

As most of you know by now, Tuesday, August 4th, is the day to order The Journey Begun online. However, if you aren't able to order a book on Tuesday, please don't think you can't order at all(!) The book's gonna be there for awhile. :-)

By the way, for those who are electronically inclined, The Journey Begun is now also available as a download onto a Kindle. (What'll they think of next...?)..

(Click image for more info)

I'll post the results of Debut Day when the dust settles. Thanks to everyone in advance.


Four Lights For Him said...

Looking forward to it!! I told a friend of mine about it since he loves to read, and he's bery interested. Hopefully he'll order. :)

Bruce Judisch said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I'm going to keep stats during the day of how the rating changes, as they update hourly. I have no idea what to expect, but it'll be fun.

Cheers! Bruce