Monday, April 12, 2010

Forget Me Not, by Vicki Hinze (Multnomah)

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In Forget Me Not, Vicki Hinze spins an intricate web of intrigue, pitting against each other two extremes on the spectrum of human behavior: the indiscriminant destruction of innocent life and the benevolent protection of the same.

Three years ago, Benjamin Brandt lost his wife, Susan, and his son, Christopher, in a senseless act of violence, and he still hasn't recovered from the loss. When a woman, beaten and left for dead, appears at his crisis center bearing not only an uncanny resemblance to Susan, but the personalized necklace he had given his late wife, his emotionally scarred defenses go up. Suffering from trauma-induced amnesia, our Jane Doe struggles with Ben's acute reaction and her own bewilderment at her loss of identity.

Nothing and no one are as they seem. Ms. Hinze counterpoises an array of supporting characters, some of whom want to finish the job on Jane Doe, and others who, for their own reasons, want her alive. Bearing its own pressure in the background is an international terrorist organization with their own agenda, and their own reasons for wanting the mystery woman dead--and alive. Sound confusing? Let Ms. Hinze sort it out for you.

Forget Me Not is the first in the "Crossroads Crisis Center" series. You'll look forward to more.

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Note: This review copy of Forget Me Not was provided free of charge by Multnomah.

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