Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Long Road Home, by Judi Ann Ehresman (OakTara)


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The Long Road Home is a gentle, heartwarming novella about the bond between Christian brothers and sisters that transcends social order, skin color and self-limitation. Set in the 19th-century Indiana wilderness, the story is of a young woman, Mandy Evanston, eking out a living alone while her husband works on the westward-expanding railroad. Mandy receives word that her husband has been killed in a construction accident, and now faces an uncertain future with her child who is yet to be born.

Enter Deidre, a runaway slave, who, with her young son, Jedediah, goes into hiding in Mandy's barn. Mandy discovers the pair and a mutually beneficial friendship begins. The two women work the farm and draw close, as they both mourn the loss of their husbands.

Meanwhile, Mandy's husband, Ethan, for his own reasons, has allowed Mandy to think him dead. He slips away morally, pushed by his own selfish struggle with restlessness, yet guilt-ridden at his deceit. At the depths of Ethan's depression, God draws him and turns the struggle to one of returning to his wife and confessing his sin.

Ms. Ehresman paints a lovely picture of the forested Indiana countryside, but also relates a convincing story of what it took to survive in the midst of such stark, unforgiving beauty. The Long Road Home is a comfortable read, one you can curl up and smile with at the end of the day. Enjoy!.

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