Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Hidden Flame, Davis Bunn & Janette Oke (Bethany House)


A great and fitting sequel to The Centurion's Wife. Gripping storyline, quality writing; a story with a soul.

The Hidden Flame picks up the tale in the "Acts of Faith" series with Abigail, the lovely servant girl, struggling to maintain purity in her faith and perspective in her family. She struggles to release her haunting fear for the safety of Jerusalem's fledgling community of Believers to her Lord's care, and to keep in check her brother, Jacob's, wayward desire to become a Roman legionnaire. Elevating the stress level are the attentions of two competing suitors, neither of whom is acceptable for the same reason. You will love Simon Peter's resolution to that little dilemma!

For those who've read The Centurion's Wife, you'll recall that Abigail is nearly crippled from a disasterous encounter with a pot of scalding water. She toils through her pain to provide for the physical and emotional needs of an exploding population of followers of The Way amid the intrigue and dangers of open persecution by the Jewish ruling elite and under the distrustful scrutiny of the city's Roman occupiers, until she is finally rendered infirm by the injury. You will love Simon Peter's resolution to that little dilemma, too.

The Hidden Flame faithfully tracks the Scriptual account of the early Church, as recounted in the book of Acts, filling in vibrant characters and realisitic scenarios to propel the story along. And, as in its prequel, Ms. Oke and Mr. Bunn combine their masterful storytelling talents that make the journey a most enjoyable one.

One word of warning: if, for some strange reason, you've already decided you're not going to read the third book in the "Acts of Faith" series, don't read this second one. Its ending will change your mind.


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