Monday, July 18, 2011

Deception Pass, by Vanessa Tyler (OakTara)

Deception Pass is a gently written tale of acceptance and grace. Set on Whidbey Island, tucked into Washington State's Puget Sound, we follow newcomer Calla Livingston who has come to tutor the children of a prominent family of the island--until it's discovered that she's half Cherokee, half white.

A tumultuous past between the white settlers and the native Indians of Whidbey Island leaves her ostracized by both sides as a 'half-breed'. Now jobless, and with no prospect of fitting into society, Calla is determined to return back East to her widowed father. Accepting a kind gentleman's offer to live on his property and keep house for him, while earning her return fare sewing for a local seamstress, Calla begins to settle into life on the island.

Time softens her resolve to leave, as does her encounter with the elusive Aaron Dutch, a native who had been adopted into the family of a local lumber merchant. Secrets in his past and uncertainty in her future jostle their blossoming relationship, until it begins to crumble when Aaron is suddenly accused of murder. Does she follow her heart, or heed the warnings of what seems to be a condemning array of evidence mounting against this enigmatic and troubled young man?

The answer lies in the pages of Deception Pass, not on this blog.

Note: OakTara provided a free copy of this book for review.

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