Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blogs Of Note

While waiting to hear the results of further querying on behalf of Jonah, I've done some customizing. No, not the nip-and-tuck kind--although that's probably not a bad idea, if I decide to post a picture on the cover of the next book. Nope, this is on the blog. You may notice an expanding list of linked blogs on the left side of the page. Stay tuned. It'll grow.

I'm mixing family and friends' blogs with writing blogs partly because it's an interesting mix, but mostly because I don't know how to do it any other way (at least not conveniently). There are a couple of literary agents' blogs I've linked, you'll notice. Whether you're a writer or not, these are really cool. I highly recommend bopping over for a moment or two and buzzing through their musings. ("Bopping" and "buzzing" are technical editing terms used only in the highest circles of literary critique. No, really!) The styles are hilarious--painfully so, if you're a writer; not so painfully, if you just like to read witty stuff.

Anyway, take a look. You'll enjoy the trip!

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the mccann clan said...

Wow - I really don't know how I made it onto your side-bar list of "witty" posts - but I'll take it! ;o) It's been such a pleasure blogging, and reading the blogs of so many loved ones and friends! Thanks for sharing the ever growing blog-o-sphere with me!