Friday, June 20, 2008

"Houston, we have a publisher!"

This'll teach me not to whine.

I received a contract from OakTara Publishing for A Prophet's Tale: The Journey Begun! Looks like we're back on track. Jonah has a future!

Jennifer, you were, of course, right. The sweetest thing about God saying "wait" is what it means and how it feels when He says "yes".

Thanks to all for your prayers. I'll keep you posted on the production schedule.

(This is so cool...!)


Kristen & Dave said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Can't wait to hear how things progress from here!

Four Lights For Him said...

What great news!!

Neal Judisch & Family said...

How sweet it is!

Now you're one giant step closer to quitting that silly day job you have.



gLORIous said...

That IS so cool!!!!! I'm so happy that I won't have to wait much longer to get a copy of your 2nd book!!!!! Yay!!!

Congratulations, btw! :D

DW Hobbs said...

Congratulations, what a wonderful blessing to have found a publisher! I've recently ordered and received my own copy of your first book and I look forward to reading in preparation for this one! I think I'll even have the youngest daughter of the author autograph it when we see her again this month and next time we're in San Antonio I can bug you for one as well! ;-)

Dara Hobbs