Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Finds You in Last Chance California, by Miralee Ferrell (Summerside)

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You’ll recall I reviewed a contemporary novel by Miralee Ferrell not too long ago. In that book, her desire to write from the heart, to encourage, to edify, all came through loud and clear. They just did again, only 130 years earlier.

What, you ask? Let me ‘splain.

Love Finds You in Last Chance California—yes, yes, I know; enough about my guy card, okay?—is a recent addition to Summerside’s “Love Finds You” collection, and the first contribution by Ms. Ferrell. Great debut in the genre!

In it, she takes us back to 1877 California, where she’s crafted a well-researched and tightly written novel inspired by a real person of that era and venue. Our heroine, Alexia “Alex” Travers, has unexpectedly inherited her father’s horse ranch at his untimely death. She strives to keep the ranch solvent, encountering along the way all the resistance and bias you might expect of that period regarding a woman running a ranch full of male wranglers. Add to the mix the romantic interest the community’s now most eligible bachelorette draws—including those more ambitious for her land than smitten by her charm—and a hidden conspiracy to drive her into ruin, and you’ve got a fast-paced story that rarely lets up.

Ms. Ferrell celebrates the grit and determination of an independent woman who is determined to make a success of her father’s legacy. However, along the way she discovers independence is not all it’s cracked up to be. For Alex learns true independence includes dependence upon God, family and good friends—not to mention a very special friend; one who enters her story and her life in a rather inauspicious, but singularly intriguing, way.

If you like stories of the Old West where you can hear the creak of well worn saddle leather, smell pungent sage and aromatic fir, and feel the sweat and satisfaction of taming a wild land at every page turn, this is a good bet.

Oh, did I mention there’s romance? Umm, well, yes, there’s that. But take heart, guys. Somebody gets shot at, too.


Four Lights For Him said...

Ooo! Another one going on the To-Read-List. :) It's growing and slowly going down at the same time. :)

Bruce Judisch said...


You're a hoot! :-)

Yup, if you're into the historical romance genre, you'll enjoy this one.

Have fun!

Cheers! Bruce

Four Lights For Him said...

Just finished this book a few minutes ago. Boy, I really enjoyed this one. I love all the historical landmarks and references. And the characters, I just fell in love with them all. Didn't care too much for the villain of the story but that's to be exacted. :)

Another book well done by Mrs. Ferrell!! I like that she didn't rush the love story along, and took her time in divulging who the man behind the schemes were. Mrs. Ferrell does an excellent job at showing how God's love transcends all understanding and can use any circumstance in our lives for good. Great book! It's a keeper!! :)

Bruce Judisch said...

Thanks once again, Jennifer. This blog is worth keeping up just because of you! :-)

Cheers! Bruce

Miralee Ferrell said...

Jennifer, I'm so glad you enjoyed this book as well as my first one. I'm happy to tell you that the sequel to The Other Daughter will release next spring (a little under a year from now, as it's been delayed) and another Love Finds You In..Bridal Veil Oregon, book will release Feb. 1st next year, as well! Thank you for your positive posts, and Bruce, thank you for highlighting my books!

Miralee Ferrell