Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Can't Believe It's Over...Almost

I began my series on Jonah in the summer of 2002 on a business trip to the Washington, DC area. I finished it this afternoon on a business trip to the Washington, DC area. I discovered I wasn't ready for that.

The minute I typed the last line of the last scene, I looked down at it...wondered if I wanted to finish that way...reread the scene segment...decided that was the way I'd end it...and my eyes immediately watered up and I got all chokey. (What??)

Yeah, I know: I've been slow-roasting my guy card for awhile now, but it's finally burst into flames. Jonah has uttered his last line in my story and I'm a mess. Now, how does that happen?

Oh, we'll meet again (see my last Quote of the Week), that's for sure. The really tedious part now begins of going back over the manuscript and editing...and re-editing...and re-editing. I edited the second volume of the series a full eight times--and who knows how many partial edits?--before I got smart and sent it off to a professional editor to shred. When I got it back, I edited it two more times before I submitted it. I wonder how many times I'll edit this one before I send it to my editor. It's kind of like cleaning up before the maid service arrives.

Ben Amittai: First Call was a 39,000-word novella. A Prophet's Tale: The Journey Begun ended up at about 89,500 words (closer to where Ben Amittai should have been...). The final volume (first draft) is sitting at around 109,000 words. The editing will trim it back, but it'll still end up being longer than either of its predecessors.

But, you know, I really like every one of those 109,000 words. It's a good story. I just hope someone else will like it as much as I do; that is, as much as I do before I start editing...and re-editing...and...oh, well.


Four Lights For Him said...

If you're anything, Mr. Bruce, is consistent. And if I know you like I think I do, this book will be just as good if not better than your first.

I have never submitted any of my writings/ponderings...but I do edit them. I had to recently give a speech at the woman's group I'm apart of and I started writing it 3 weeks before hand. I edited that thing so many times that it ended up being longer and very different from what I originally started with. I prayed over that speech like I have never done before, and to be honest, I do believe it was more of the Lord's words than my own. :)

Lynnette said...

Way to go, Bruce! I've just finished up the completion of a book myself and I know how you feel about those edits!

Pat~ said...

Congratulations--on the completion of a huge endeavor! And my deepest sympathies for the commencement of the editing process. ;) You inspire me, Bruce!

Bruce Judisch said...


Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, talk about being at a loss... :-)

And already diving into the editing. I promised Jeannie I wouldn't foist the ms on her until it's halfway polished this time.

Cheers! Bruce

Neal said...

Congratulations, Dad!

Can't wait to get my hands on it.


Bruce Judisch said...

Thanks, Neal. Still short a guy card, though. May need to borrow one of yours. :-)

Cheers! Dad

the mccann clan said...

Wow! Congratulations! I bet this is quite the bittersweet occasion for you. The sooner you get on with the editing though... the sooner I get to read it!!! ;o)

Love you.

Bruce Judisch said...


Yup, the editing is underway. Close to finishing the second draft. I'm going to run a print after that and edit from the hardcopy. After I make those revisions, I'm going to run off another print and give it to Mom to beta (during which I'll keep editing). I hope to have this ms to the publisher within a month.

Thanks for the encouragement. Can't wait for you to read it, too.

Love, Dad

Kim said...

Wow! I can't believe it's finished, too! Has it really been since 02? Well, congratulations on the completion! I can't wait to read it.

Bruce Judisch said...

Hey, kiddo!

You'll be one of the first to know when I get it in my hands. Trust me. :-)

Lovd, Dad

Pete Dudek said...

Hi Bruce,

It was good to hear from you, and that's cool you know people from Alliance! I'd definatly like to share ideas with you. And to start, I was wondering what you've done in regards to any advertising for your books, and especially, what works, and what doesn't work? Also, how do you find time to actually sit down and write. With work, life, church, ect.. it's been really hard for me to just sit down and start the continuation of my series (which is very important if I ever want to take this anywhere). Any advice on how you've put out so many books?

Again, good to hear from you!


Bruce Judisch said...

Hey, Pete!

Good to hear from you. Actually, looking at your avatar, I think I visited your church last October with my niece and sister. Your name is sounding more familiar now that it's in context and I think we may have met.

As far as advertising, I've sent packages with complimentary copies to several schools/seminaries and local churches, done book signings at B&N and Borders, established a Web site and this blog, distribute business cards as the opportunity arises, and joined free online social networking sites like CW, AbsoluteWrite, ShoutLife, etc. There's more detail than I can probably go into here.

Time? Yup, I'm an avocational writer. As you noticed on the post, I started this series on Jonah in 2002 and just finished the third book. There were months I set the manuscript aside and did nothing, and other times (like since last November) when I had a spurt and shot from 23.5K to 109K in just a couple months of evening and weekend writing. Balancing "real life" is always an issue, eh? :-)

"So many books" chuckles me a little when I see others pumping out a new novel every year (of course, most of them are full time, but not all). ;-) There's a huge gap between Ben Amittai and The Journey Begun largely due to time constraints, but also because I sought another publisher. The interval to the final volume will not be nearly as long. Hope to have the manuscript to my publisher next month.

Just keep on keeping on, but also keep the perspective that the other things you mentioned--especially family--take priority.

Thanks for stopping by and, again, great to hear from you!